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Saturday, 21st July, 2007

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Me :) G'day, folks;
Mostly about cows in this issue, but I'll begin with some help for those having download difficulties, and finish with a greeting to all who celebrate Christmas in July.
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Fairtrade coffee, and Arnott's TimTam biscuits! "Try coffee, cake, and cane, to make you forget all about jetlag."
~ Anonymous traveller

The video Judicial_caning_Malaysia.wmv depicts a 20-stroke judicial caning.
It is extreme, and of course non-consensual.
Before viewing you may like to read
Judicial is extreme, but good points for consensual

Two Australian political parties are promising high-speed Internet broadband, but until one of them fulfils their promise many of us will be using the more ambulatory dial-up. That might be okay if you're living in a major population centre, or don't download much, but if you're far away and interested in videos then you could have problems.

Take the case of the Windows Media Video, Judicial_caning_Malaysia, that I recently uploaded to the CaneStrokes gallery. Its size is 24.3 Megabytes - a breeze if you've got ADSL, or reliable dial-up. Just "right-click" in the box below, then "left-click" on "Save Target As...". You'll be asked for a Username ( psaccess ) and password ( what42 ).
But things can go wrong, for one reason or another. The transfer can slow down, or stop altogether. Disconnection can occur. If you encounter problems, you might like to try the following approach. I've subdivided the file into six segments, maximum size 5 Megabytes, as -

jcm01.bin jcm02.bin jcm03.bin jcm04.bin jcm05.bin jcm06.bin
"right-click" in each box, then "left-click" on "Save Target As..." to download each segment into the same folder or sub-directory. No username or password is required for the segments. To re-connect the segments you'll need the small program jcm_pack.exe. Make sure you download it to the same destination as the segments -
Double-left-click on jcm_pack.exe, and follow any directions it may generate. On fruitful completion you'll have Judicial_caning_Malaysia.wmv, size 24.3 Megabytes.

A CaneStroker sent me this "YouTube" link to Branding a Cow
I've made the Flashvideo stream a bit more controllable, over there 
There's also a Windows Media Video (.wmv) file ( 1.8 Megabyte ) here that you can download ("Right-click", and "Save Target As...")

Cows doing kink. Cows in a militant moo-d . They're just like humans, really.

Source of "Cows with guns" video: http://www.3dweb.no/.../anim1.swf

Celebrating Christmas in July is perhaps an attempt to forget the harshness of the country we call Australia. But for me, Christmas will always be a seldom-heard carol, in a hot, dry land.

The North Wind (Christmas Day)

A dry Todd River

The Todd is in a very arid part of Australia and has zero to very low flow during 95% of the year.

gingham background: http://www.countrymanordesigns.com/backgroundtiles3.htm
Tim Tam biscuit: http://www.ehow.com/images/GlobalPhoto/Articles/2004969/timtam_Full.jpg
Cup-of-coffee: http://www.beverage-tech.com/images/coffeesteam2.gif
dry Todd River: http://www.cazr.csiro.au/scienceweek2003/images/dry_todd.jpg
"The North Wind" Christmas carol: http://www.gumtreemusic.com.au/music/colin-buchanan-and-greg-champion/aussie-christmas-with-bucko-and-champs-1.aspx